Lust Tape-In Replacement Adhesive Tape

Lust Tape-In Replacement Adhesive Tape

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Lust Hair Collection By V’s RAW Tape-In Extensions are meant to be used over and over again! All you have to do is replace the adhesive tab. Purchase our replacement tabs to ensure that you get the most use our of your tape-ins. No additional tools required. 

 *** 48 Replacement Adhesive Tabs Included  ***


How to Replace Tape-In Adhesive Tabs:

  1. Using Thumb or Index Finger, start from one edge of tape-in tab and roll the old adhesive towards the opposite end until it is completely removed from the tab.
  2. Check tab and ensure there is no remaining old adhesive.
  3. Wipe tab with rubbing alcohol to prep for replacement adhesive, avoiding the actual hair.
  4. Remove one pre-cut, double-sided replacement adhesive tape from the sheet and apply to the tape-in tab on the same side as the previous adhesive. Tape-In is now ready for reinstallation
  5. Repeat steps until all tape in adhesives have been replaced. 

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